Recently i decided to join my local toastmasters club. Why? i hear u say. After some introspection i realised that i was lacking some basic communication and leadership skills. My ability to convey ideas in my head to others was or rather is inadequate. You know that feeling you get sometimes that people don’t understand you or don’t get where you are trying to go.

Leadership is a quality that we can all learn; being a good leader not only allows people to follow you but also makes you a great follower. On a daily basis I either have to lead or be led. I have to be able to follow through with someone else’s vision and at the same time allow others to follow my vision. So I realised that I had to improve my leadership and following skills quickly while my career was still young.

Anyway it was quite daunting visiting the club for the first time and meeting all the members present that night. The group was quite diverse, including engineers, lawyers and pastors. I quickly realised that a lot of people have the same problem I have, regardless of age, race or profession.

It was a great evening, i learnt how a club evening goes as well as the different levels of toastmasters available.

Lessons learnt:

  1. It’s never too late or too early to improve your communication or leadership skills, these are skills that can be used in any environment, home, work or church.
  2. Even if you think you are good at something, there is always room to improve on it.
  3. In a world of 7 billion people, your problem will not be unique. Put yourself out there and you will find others with the same problem and solutions.

My 1st speech is due in two weeks “the ice breaker”. I will let you all know how it goes and any lessons that I learn.

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