Yeah! Lewis Hamilton reads my blog.

Is it a coincidence that the weekend after i wrote my last post chastising your performance you improved? I think not.

The Canadian Grand Prix was a good one for me, most especially because Fernando Alonso moved from 6th on the grid to 2nd. Yes, it’s true. If you cut me i bleed Ferrari red. But let’s talk about, rather talk to Lewis, as i know he will be reading this post soon. (I can’t believe I’m already on my second post about Lewis Hamilton).

From watching qualifiers in Canada i could see that you were really trying hard for that pole, you looked focused and determined. More so your Mercedes looked hooked up to the challenge of pole. And you almost took pole until Vettel snatched it from you. The only people celebrating on that podium were Vettel and Bottas. It was abundantly clear that you were upset and you were not even trying to hide it, even though you were on the podium. I wonder how Nico was feeling about not being on the podium, did you think about that.

Race day – i thought you would be better. You clung on to that second place position and nursed that Mercedes and its rubbish tyres deep into the race. Fernando wasn’t having any of that. You finally managed to finish 3rd, a good performance by any account. But yet again on that podium you could only manage a blank stare, just a vacant look.

When asked, you even admitted that your head was not in the right space. In the right space? I’m not going to speculate whether you are not getting on well with Ross Brawn, or whether you are expecting to win and are not.

This is what I’m going to tell you mate.

  1. You joined Mercedes voluntarily, we all knew the team was a dud but you went anyway. The team is a legend killer, it disgraced Michael Schumacher. You need to stay committed to your choices and stop looking elsewhere for answers and excuses.
  2. You were paid handsomely to join Mercedes, actually more that Vettel who has 2 more championship trophies in his cupboard than you do. So take Nicole out skiing, buy some more black diamond ear rings and another dog if you have to. Would you rather be over paid or under rated?
  3. Mercedes is on the podium and McLaren isn’t.
  4. Remember when Fernando Alonso joined McLaren and you made life unbearable for him? Did he stop trying to take the trophy from you or made tough decisions and kept on moving? You wore the brand all year last year, Keep walking mate.
  5. Because of what happened at McLaren your chances at Ferrari are slim if Alonso is still around. No way – Jose. You can’t go back to McLaren – you burnt that bridge. You might be able to replace Webber next year, just might be.

What made you successful in 2008 was:

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Consistency

This is what makes any champion.

My advice is, make it work at Mercedes, leave the dog at home and make sure you drive the hell out of that car. I will see you on the podium in Silverstone.


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