The Northgate run was the venue for my first quarter marathon.  I had honestly never run a fully measured 10km before and i had only recently hit the 5km mark during my morning runs.

It being my first ever road race i arrived 2 hrs early so i could register and such, i must say that was the last time arriving early. It was a chilly morning and i could see that i was not dressed the part. I was wearing a hoodie, i always wore a hoodie when i ran at home. But now that i was out in public at a race i realised that it wasn’t part of Marathon couture. There is a world of runners fashion that i got introduce to that morning. The only thing i had going for me were my new shoes, my Asics GT2000. They were brand spanking new and i felt like i was running on clouds.

Anyway, i had been informed not to start in the front. Why? Because if you start in the front you will quickly get demoralised as people pass you by, the worst thing is being passed by a speed walker. Those speed walkers are surprisingly fast.

NGFinally the race kicked off at 7:00am. I paced myself in the beginning and actually managed to do the first 4 km without stopping to walk. #PersonalBest.

Things got a little bit sour around the 6th km, mostly because i increased my pace to beat an elderly gentleman who i had been trying to beat since the 3rd km. He clearly had an age advantage.

Just as i was about to relax thinking that i had destroyed the race, the uphill came. I learnt a very important lesson that day. Its common sense but sometimes you tend to forget, if you run downhill at some point you have to run uphill. So because the race started downhill, it only made sense that the last 2.5km would be an excruciating uphill. But newbie me somehow forgot that bit of common sense.

I did a lot of walking that last bit of the race, but i finally made it to my first medal. My first 10k run ever.

I was really proud of myself not only because i completed the race but because i had actually done something i had set my mind to. I had achieved something out of my comfort zone, something so far removed my the stoner lying on the couch that i once was.

It once seemed impossible but now it was done. Turned a mountain into a molehill.



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